Aaron Eden

I got hooked on climbing after my first trip to a climbing gym when I was 18 and it’s been a lifestyle ever since. I started route setting 2 years into my climbing career and found that learning about movement and flow not only changed my climbing style, but made me want to learn more about how the body moves and interacts with the walls we climb. Throughout the years, my addiction to climbing has never ceased. I’ve made great friends, travelled to some phenomenal destinations and done a lot of competing. Working at Climber’s Rock as head route setter and instructor not only allows me to do what I love, but lets me share my love for this sport through my setting, coaching and climbing with new climbers. I’m looking forward to taking my setting to new heights (yeah, cheesy, I know) by setting for more National and eventually International level competitions.

Feel free to follow my blog at http://evolvingmovement.ca to learn more about movement or just check out what I have to say.