Flashback to 1996, two climbers started making chalk balls with pantyhose and plastic-ties from their apartment in downtown Calgary. At first, they gave the chalk to friends, and friends’ friends, and soon realized it might be feasible to mix business with pleasure and sell their product.

Out of humble beginnings, Flashed was born…

Envelope pushers who thrive in challenging situations. Flashed spends months, sometimes years, perfecting the nearly perfect, before its products are unleashed into the wild. Flashed is crazy like that, but you’ll be thankful for these obsessive tendencies once you put our equipment through its paces.

The people at Flashed also get bored pretty easily. If the team isn’t learning something on a daily basis, then it’s not testing the limits of the products. We pour more time, blood, sweat, and grit than any reasonable person should into solving technical conundrums. Flashed derives deep satisfaction from knowing that when you climb, all you need worry about is pushing yourself harder, not your gear.

Through technical manipulation, Flashed has redefined the standards of high-performance climbing equipment—it’s through its dedication to creating top-quality solutions that Flashed will remain synonymous with trust, reliability and authenticity.

Flashed. Climb Free. Climb Fearlessly.