Anson Whitmer

My main pursuits in life revolve around research, climbing and adventure traveling.

As for research, I am currently postdoctoral fellow in cognitive neuroscience at Stanford. I use MRI machines to measure blood flow in people’s brain and am currently trying to figure out the brain mechanisms driving people to experience repetitive thought. I think this line of work is absolutely fascinating and I hope to someday be a professor with tweed patches on my elbows and a pipe in my hand.

As for climbing, I’ve been in the game for about 10 years and I mostly boulder. My primary bouldering habitat is anywhere from the Front Range to Colorado’s high alpine to humidity beaches in NoCal. I love road tripping to any number of other areas, and someday I will finally hop on a plane and finally get a taste of some South African bouldering. I love shorter power-crimp problems (did I mention I mostly boulder?) but I also like to hop on occasional highballs and even more occasionally, crazyballs, like my perfect-looking 45 footer called Rumination (V7; Secret Garden, Colorado). From my smallest to largest forays, I am always psyched to have the ever innovative and high quality products of flashed supporting me.

I love climbing for more reasons than I can mention here, but one of its best aspects is that it functions like a mental reset button. All my worries and stresses get cancelled out in one sweet climbing session.

I also love adventure traveling. I have had the blessing to live in four countries and to backpack through more than 50. Although, climbing is currently my main means to adventure, I am often dreaming about some new backpacking adventure. In my last one, I hitchhiked by myself on canoes down 500 kilometers of roadless, public-transportation-free jungle river in Nicaragua. It was awesome. Upon recommendation from Nicas, I carried a large machete for protection from the lawless Indians but ended up needing it only to fight tarantula infestations.