Ashley Veevers

In my past life I rode horses, that was my thing, all of my time and energy went into it. Midway through my studies at McMaster University I met a boy. He was going climbing and the words ‘I love rock climbing’ just came out of me. While at that moment that statement was not even remotely true, it has since become an understatement. The thing with the boy didn’t work out, but the one with climbing has.

In the winter of 2009/10 I packed my Honda Fit, and Sharkbait, my Jack Russell, and I headed to Bishop and then Hueco. This experience solidified something I was already starting to understand: climbing is pretty darn great, but the beautiful people, places, and lifestyle associated with it are what make it truly unique. I have since spent as much time as possible on the road travelling to incredible destinations, bouldering and spending time with some pretty amazing folk. My dream is to continue doing this as long as I can while constantly pushing my personal limits as a climber.