Ben Blakney

I am Ben, I am 30 something years old now and I still like to climb rocks of all shapes and sizes…especially long 50 meter sport routes.”

I have been climbing for most of my life, starting with my father when I was too young to even remember. I eventually stopped climbing to pursue competitive ski racing as a teenager.  A serious injury left me unable to compete and as a form of rehab, I began climbing again in my parent’s home wall. I haven’t stopped climbing since and that was over 10 years ago. 

Climbing has done a lot for me…it brought me all over the world and introduced me to many people, including my wife.

Currently I am living in Calgary, Alberta, home of Flashed and the Canadian Rockies aka some of the best limestone sport climbing in the world (imo).  I work as an Engineer and therefore am a full-blown weekend-warrior. Climbing trips are now reserved for vacation time and usually involve bouldering, which is one of the few things we don’t have here in Alberta.

My plans for the future include continuing to train harder and improve my climbing; to travel to new climbing destinations as much as possible; and I also hope to get more into route development while living near the Rockies.