World Cups

From the first day I started training for competitions I have always DREAMED about becoming a World Champion and as each year passes I get closer and closer, each year every single comp teaches me something about how the system works and every time I make a mistake or miss something I learn something new. I replay each moment in my head to try and make my self better as a person and as a competition climber.
(Thousands of people showing up for Finals!)
Canmore, Canada has to be as close as you can get to being in Switzerland yet you're still in North America. The unbelievable tall mountains that surround this little town Canmore, an internationally known hot spot for many training mountaineers. No matter in what direction you look, you are surrounded by some of the most amazing faces, cliffs, and peeks that I have ever seen. As for the World Cup, the first day was a total white out, of course, it was dumping snow most of the day "typical Canada" I was told, lol. During the comp I was not able to get past the first round of the but, each go and every problem was a learning experience and a chance to gauge for the whats yet to come.
Vail, Colorado was the last competition I attended which I did significantly better at then in Canmore and for me was a confidence builder! The Teva Mountain Games is one of the largest events of the year and if you were not there then mark it on your calendar for next year because you're missing out!!!! Vail might be one of the most expensive places to visit, the fast food has the 5 dollar menu instead of a dollar menu lol. The Teva Mountain games are so much fun with many, many events to see from Eukanuba dog retrieving competition to BMX bikers. There is something for everyone and free stuff for everyone that comes. This World Cup attracts some of the best climbers from around the world, Germany, Russia, Austria and Japan! This Event is amazing and inviting for every one. There even is a citizen comp after the World Cup so even if your not a pro you can come and climb on the walls that the pros use.
 look for photos from James Hickey and Ben Dory
Next up is Barcelona, Spain. so stay posted.....