Q & A

1) Who has impressed you most in this last year? (climber or non climber) Has to be Sean McColl, has to be. Especially with his performances at the first Bouldering World Cup in Canmore and ABS Nationals. So rad!

2) Describe a time when someone helped your climbing.

Everyday someone helps me with my climbing. No matter who they are, whether they are the seasoned rockstar or brand new boulder, everyone has something to teach me about climbing. Definitely my parents and fiancée deserve a shout out though for always supporting me in my continued development.

3) As a Flashed Athlete, how have you adapted to your new life with the paparazzi?

New life?! I’ve had this my whole life yo!

4) Is there anything you feel you've missed out by living as a pro Flashed Athlete?

A regular and boring life! And I’m happy to be missing out!