Alpine Bouldering and Climbfind

Recently I began working with a site called Climbfind that is focused on helping people find climbing partners.  One of the things I do for them is help run the heroes blog, which is a 3-person blog of insights, inspirations, and industry news (I imagine you can guess which third of that I'm most involved with).  Anyways, the site is cool because it can help people from all over the world find climbing partners, whether it is for the afternoon at their local gym or for a trip to Australia.  In a couple of months a newer and better Climbfind will be live, but for now I recommend checking out the old version--you just might find some old friends you've lost touch with (I did!) or learn about a new climbing area you've never heard of before.

Alpine Bouldering

It's that season in Colorado again, or at least it would be if the snow would finish melting.  As it is, at Mount Evans Lincoln Lake is mostly melted out and apparently Area A is good to go as well, which means most of Area B is probably also good.  The park, on the other hand...well...apparently it just snowed again yesterday.  Endovalley, Veritas and Moraine Park are probably fine, but most days they will be too hot cause they're so low.  It's a weird year.

Fellow Climbfind Hero blogger Wendy Bradley is spending her summer in Colorado, and since she's from Texas all this Alpine bouldering is brand new to her.  What this means is she had no idea how much stuff she'd need to go bouldering at Mount Evans without putting herself at risk for spending a day cold, wet, and hungry.  I made this handy post to help her and everyone else who hasn't bouldered in the mountains before get an idea of what kind of gear you'll need to have a successful day, and what kind of pad you'll need to carry it all.  Hint--it's a Flashed pad.  Check out the post here: Alpine Bouldering Gear.