World Cup Update

Every climb in every Cup from Canada to Sheffield has taught me something about how to and what to do in Cup situation from the warm up to the five second count down before go time each Cup has been a learning experience. All this experience has brought me closer and closer to one day standing with the best of the best. With only one comp let for me in the tour I am getting psyched to preform at the best of my ability in the Arco World Championships. 

I need to give a big big thanks to Jes/love of my life for helping me every step of the way making sure I have the logistics all worked out, and I have to say that she is a pro and deserves a big party at the end of this for all her efforts.
Climbing World Cups are very unique because the problems that are presented for us are not "hard" its just the aura, the crowd, and the tricky setters that make the climbs difficult to send. World Cup climbing is more of a Head game when your at that level of competition then any thing else. From my start in Canada when I did not even send one climb to now, I know I have learned so much and every Cup I do a little better and make less and less mistakes. I did not put too much pressure on my self this go around, but still wanted to do well, So for me making it past the first round was a big step and one I hope to continue doing. Moving closer and closer tell one day I'm on the top spot with the best is my goal.