Ben Blakney Bio

Who has impressed you the most this last year?(Climber or Non-Climber) A: My best friend's father, Robert, who was diagnosed with cancer this past year. He has kept an amazingly positive attitude throughout his treatments. I'm sure that if you weren't told otherwise, you would have no idea he was seriously ill. It is quite amazing to see. Describe a time when someone helped your climbing?
I think everytime I climb someone helps my climbing. I think you can be helped with your climbing by someone even if they don't tell you anything – you can literally just watch and learn. You can look at how the person moves, the techniques they use, and beta they may be trying. I also think people can help your own climbing greatly just by giving positive encouragement and energy. I usually find having a spotter who encourages you, whether you know them or not, helps a lot.

Where do you see your climbing going?
A: I don't see myself ever stopping climbing, no matter how old I am. My goal is to be one of the old dudes you see climbing in Fontainbleau that are “old-flabby-ripped”, and hike all the problems the young guns are trying without any technique. I hope to continue having fun and getting stronger for as long as physically possible. I want to continue traveling, seeing new places, climbing in new areas, and meeting lots of new people. Climbing is the best excuse to travel!

How do you deal with fans chasing you at all times?
A: I have been told that since I am a Flashed climber I will be extremely famous. So far I have seen none of the exciting things that come with being famous. I have not been asked for an autograph, I have not been stalked, I have not been asked to pose for a picture, I don't have a limo, I don't get fan mail, and women don't throw their underwear at me...disapointing.