First Day on the Ropes

August 3rd and today was my first time out to climb with a rope. This is obviously a disappointingly late start to the season but in my defense, I’ve been concentrating on and training for bouldering.  Training in the gym and on the wall daily has definitely resulted in a huge difference with quick improvements to my strength and technique. Still, that couldn’t save me from getting spit off the cliffs in Welsford, New Brunswick.

It was a groggy day to begin with when a couple friends and I set out to make the most of it. The rain had stopped just in time to let us hike up to the cliffs, climb and hike out.

We “warmed up” (more like we were stupidly ambitious) on a classic in the area called Leviathan 5.11b. It’s a short overhanging route situated behind some tree cover and blocked from rain. So it stayed relatively dry, made a little sense to start here. However, that resulted in early day pump outs. It didn’t get sent, but it’ll without a doubt be in my thoughts until I go back… and complete it top to bottom. Easy to see why it’s a fan favourite for the locals.

We continued the day with some easy trad climb and enjoyed the view we were getting from some exposed climbing. Finished the day off with a few more go’s on Leviathan and hiked out.


Overall, a really short day on the cliffs but a really positive first time out.

All photos courtesy of: Eric Fox.  Reach him at: