Return from World Cups....finally!

What up all!? My first post! And no photo to go along with it I know...sorry but I'm still learning how to use a camera and I've been really good at slipping away from the paparazzi. Anyways on with the update. I was super fortunate this year to be able to go and compete in multiple boulder world cups this year as a member of the Canadian National Team. I attended  all the boulder world cups from Canmore to Sheffield, traveling around in between and desperately trying to find rock to climb and lugging my Shogun stuffed with a tanto and everything I was living with for 3 and a half weeks. Because Canmore and the Teva Mountain Games were so close together and over here in North America, I flew home, to Newmarket, Ontario, in between and enjoyed the luxuries of home and took the opportunity to make some last minute cash before heading out over seas to Europe. The first stop was Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The comp was eye opening for me. I've read fellow Flashed Athlete's post about the world cups and I'd have to agree, the complicated sequences, the tricky and learned movements and the atmosphere are what make the problems so hard, not necessarily the difficulty of the holds (although that always adds to it too.) The competition itself was well set and well organized, each bloc more intriguing than the last and despite the crazy weather, some of us watched finals in a torrential downpour, the whole thing was a awesome experience. I had a wicked time in the Netherlands, great adventures, some awesome climbing and I met some of the coolest people ever, but the next stop was fast approaching and it was time to move on. A quick little piece of advice though for anyone who ends up in Eindhoven, go to Monk gym, sample the problems and have some of their PIMPIN coffee! Alright so Barcelona. What can I say about this then bring the heat. I cannot tell you how hot it was in the venue, in iso, outside, in the hotel room, everywhere. There was no escape from it. Like Eindhoven, the problems were inventive, complicated and tricky and adding the heat in to make everything gross...yea. The city, the comp, the area, the people, the food, all so good. So right after Barcelona, the next stop was the last for me, and it was in Sheffield, England. But between there and Barcelona, I hopped over to France and went for two days of blistering bouldering in Fountaine Bleau. It was really something, despite the h, it was really awesome to be in such a legendary place. After two days I booked it to Paris to chill out and talk Route Setting with my friend Tonde Katiyo. He helped set the Eindhoven and Barcelona stops and also came to Toronto in April and did a National Team Training Camp that I was also a part of. Finally Sheffield. This was an amazing comp. I want to give a shout out to whoever made the Death Star fiber glass volume on Men's Final #3 i think it was. So PIMP! The weather was perfect, some how it managed to be sunny in England, the problems were awesome, fellow Flash Team member Ian Dory was one spot out of Semis and I got to MC the final round. What a great end to a great trip. And since then I've been unpacking, getting back into the swing of working again, trying to relax a litte, climbing on a rope despite the humidity here in Southern Ontario and I've been climbing/guiding new climbers around in the Niagra glen. I'm psyched and ready for the season ahead. Thanks for the support yo! I'm out!