Q & A with Max Moore

1) Who has impressed you most in this last year? (climber or non climber)It’s hard to select just one inspiring figure in the community. The longer I climb, the more I admire and respect climbers who maintain a high level of balance in their lives. Carrie Cooper comes to mind immediately. Sending double digit boulder problems, caring for a family and having a child within a year is an inspiring range of accomplishments.

2) Describe a time when someone helped your climbing. Can I personify a location? I feel that every new bouldering area forces me to adapt and become a better climber. Whether sending at my personal limit or being humbled by old school classics I like being challenged to decipher the language of the line. I would also be remiss in not mentioning the climbers along the way that have taught me countless lessons and kept the psych high. Big thanks to Liberty Herring, Andrew Spencer, Stephen Meinhold, Diesel & Gremlin, and everyone from the old Hidden Peak crew in Chicago.

3) Where do you see your climbing going? Being on the road, it’s hard to think more than a week into the future, but I know that giving back to the community is a high priority. It’s something that I have taken so much from, and I’d like to combat the selfish climber stereotype before I become too old and cranky.

4) Describe what you think climbing could do for the World if everyone climbed. Climbing demands constant balance, both on the rock and off. A little more balance couldn’t hurt, right?

Check out this video to see a balanced life!

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