Ian Dory Bio

Who has impressed you the most this last year? Climber or Non-climber...A: I would have to say Chris Sharma has inspired me many time's year with all the new hard climbs he has been putting up!

Describe a time when someone helped your climbing? A: Every day I climb I learn something new, big or small. A specific time some one helped me with my climbing I would say was when I was working Moon Arete. This climb was a three year project and one day I was climbing with my dad and he gave me some beta after watching me try it a few time, then I sent!!

How do you deal with fans chasing you at all times? A: I only wish I had fans chasing me at all times!!

What do you see as the biggest myth out there about being famous? A: To start I wish I was famous! The biggest myth In my opinion is people accuse climbers of taking  steroids.

Where do you see your climbing going? A: I see my climbing going nothing but, up hill from this point on! I am training rally hard and cant wait for SCS!!

Describe what you think climbing could do for the World if everyone climbed. A: I believe that if every on the earth climbed there would be less Wars, World Hunger would go away, and every one would be happy.