Fontainebleau update and video

[vimeo video_id="30709185" width="580" height="326" title="Yes" byline="Yes" portrait="Yes" autoplay="No" loop="No" color="00adef"] We have left Spain behind and relocated to Fontainebleau. We've been here for over a week and we've had lots of fun so far. The forest is incredible and the scenery is very picturesque. The small french villages are really cute.

Obviously the highlight of the video is my ascent of Fata Morgana – a famous boulder problem known even to Canadians. I was so happy to do it. The method is really cool and I found “micro-beta” for almost each move that made the whole thing come together.

I want to climb more hard stuff but I have no skin left on my tips. It’s really quite frustrating because my muscles and fingers aren’t worked at all and I’m fresh to pull – it’s just that I have no skin. I might even be getting weaker sitting around waiting for my skin to grow back.

Hopefully I can get it to recover enough that I can manage to climb on it relatively soon. I’ve never had skin issues like this before. I gave my Flashed Tool Bag to this foreigner who was really excited to have it. I miss it already.

Rest day today so we're gonna head into Paris and visit the Louvre. This is so much better than working 9-5. As if I'm only 2 months into my 12 month leave from work. Exciting.