Josh Haynes Bio

Who has impressed you the most this last year? Climber or Non-climber... A: First is the ever-elusive leprechaun of Mobile, Alabama. Somehow he has managed to escape the extremely intelligent and capable people looking for him. No easy task, let me tell you… especially when one of the men has a special leprechaun flute.

Second is Jason Vorhees of Camp Crystal Lake. Despite the fact that he drowned as a small boy, saw his mother get her head cut off, has been stabbed countless times, burned, blown up, gone to hell, and even gone to space; he still manages to come back for some good ol’ fashioned killing. I mean really, I get a flapper and my day is done… not this guy. Plus he has a sweet hockey mask.

Describe a time when someone helped your climbing? A: Jack Fieldhouse helped me survive the slabs of instant death. Plus he brought extra diapers for me, which came in handy. Although from the looks of some paparazzi pictures I’ve seen, Jack could probably use a diaper or two to help keep the wedgies to a minimum

As a Flashed Athlete, how have you adapted to your new life with the paparazzi? A: I love the paparazzi. In fact, I always invite them to use my lake house on Crystal Lake. I have never been there, but there is a really nice guy who watches after the place. I’m sure he welcomes the paparazzi with open arms.

Is there anything you feel you've missed out by living as a pro Flashed Athlete? A: I’ve had to miss out on using crappy crash pads. RIP – Gart : (

How do you deal with fans chasing you at all times?
A: I love the fans, but they can get a little out of hand sometimes.  If I need a break, all I do is take my shirt off and give them the ol’ flexin’ Texan, and they all pass right out.

What do you see as the biggest myth out there about being famous? A: That I am a mountain climber. No, I have never climbed Mount Everest.

Where do you see your climbing going? A: SLABS… I love ‘em and can’t get enough of ‘em.

Describe what you think climbing could do for the World if everyone climbed. A: I would take up golf.