1) Who has impressed you most in this last year? (climber or non climber) My husband Ben never fails to impress me. I’m always amazed at how he can latch and use the worst holds imaginable. When he climbs, he tries “uncomfortably hard”, which is something that I’m trying to learn to do. When he has a goal, he is committed to it and gives it his all. He does all of this while being a full time engineering student. Craaazy.

2) Describe a time when someone helped your climbing.

My climbing started to improve when I started climbing with the stronger climbers in my local climbing gym, but it really took off when I started climbing with my husband- a very talented and experienced climber. I attribute all my success to his teaching and support. I’ve noticed that anyone that climbs with him tries a little harder and in the end, improves and gets stronger. It’s pretty cool to see.

3) As a Flashed Athlete, how have you adapted to your new life with the paparazzi?

I’m an OT so adaptations are my specialty. Well, since I was usually the one behind the camera taking sweet shots of other climbers, I now have to start concentrating on my style …I wear bright coordinated colours, Flashed tee’s and strategically placed crash pads. Might need to get some more Crest white strips.

4) Where do you see your climbing going?

I’m hoping that now that I’ve finished school, I can take more time to fully enjoy climbing, without the stress of the next neurophysiology or simulated client exam. I can’t wait for our 8 month climbing trip. I hope to really push myself to new levels- physically and mentally. I just got into Trad climbing so I’m very excited to see how hard I can push myself with that too.

5) Describe what you think climbing could do for the World

I feel like climbing is the most amazing sport in the world. I know first-hand how much it can change your life for the better. I think that this sport has the potential to help others, especially the youth, find their path in life, making the world that much more of a happier and healthier place.