Long Time

It's been a long time since my last update. I had a busy, but unproductive summer for climbing. I started the summer off in Estes Park working on the tree crew again. Winter had left fuck tons of snow in the high country of RMNP even more so than usual. Condtions were not ideal as there was much rain, snow, and/or 80 degree heat. Not being too thrilled on the hiking for a second summer in a row, I ended up doing more skateboarding during my stay in Colorado. I climbed at Emerald Lake a few times, and I climbed on a roof near Denver called Bambi. Bambi climbs through underclings out a sandstone roof on a cool hillside. I climbed at the Golf Wall near Durango during my vacation in Pagosa Springs. The Golf Wall is a limestone sport climbing cliff north of durango.

After a month of working in Colorado I decided to move back to Flagstaff and found a job as landscape foreman. I set to work on the Super BVB project. Two weeks after my return to Flagstaff I was hit by a car at the bottom of Cherry hill while I was on a skateboard. I tried to avoid the impact by jumping up and still got nailed by the car. I flew and flipped 1o feet through the air and landed on my right shoulder and side, in which I skidded along the pavement for 5 feet until I rolled up a curb into a pile of rocks. I suffered a lot of road rash, a limp on my left leg, and an injured right shoulder. I also got some lacerations above my right eye that scarred. I wasn't able to climb for a month after that. In August my body burnt out from working, and September was busy with the start of school.

Super BVB Roof

Result of getting hit by a car.

In rOctober I finally returned to consistent full time climbing. I've been climbing on the Choss Roof lately which is a massive limestone roof that climbs a refrigerator compression block out a 2o foot roof. Winter seems to be descending on Flagstaff at the moment, so it may have to wait until spring. 

I took a climbing trip over Thanksgiving. I went to Moe's Valley in southern Utah for the first time. The bouldering sits in a valley littered with sandstone boulders with a variety of problems ranging from roofs to crimps to sloper problems. I did many quality moderates as well as the Lindy Roof.   I'm heading out on a month long road trip to Rocktown and ATX in two weeks.

Lindner Roof, Moe's Valley.