My Little Trip to Bishop

Belated Merry Christmas to all you climber folks! I hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends (imaginary or not). :) I have to say, I'm pretty smiley these days! I just finished my second year of nursing school, officially making me 2/3 of a registered nurse. So close! I'm also back home in Calgary for the holidays, enjoying time spent with my family who I don't often see these days. I'm also fresh off a badly needed, quick little bouldering trip down to Bishop, CA. All pretty darn good reasons to put a smile on your face!

This was my second time to Bishop, my first being just last year. My first year, I had come down with a great group of Vancouver friends during the Winter Olympics. I was recovering from a nagging shoulder injury, which limited my ability to do what I wanted to do. I remember being frustrated most of the time, as my expectations for what I wanted to do were high, but my actual ability to achieve these goals was limited. This time, I approached Bishop with an alternate perspective. I had just completed one of my busiest semesters yet at school, where climbing took the back burner to essays and learning about really cool stuff, like diabetes, congestive heart failure and wound care (oh my!). I'll also admit that my psych for climbing this fall was a little low. I had just come off of a fantastic summer of rock climbing in Canmore, and I was barely motivated to make that necessary switch back to plastic once school and the rains started in Vancouver. So I climbed a little and studied alot. My goal for Bishop was to have fun and regain my psyche. Classics, not hard grades, were on the agenda.

I was traveling with my two good friends, Ayesha Khan and Matthew Johnson. All three of us were in need of an escape from life and a good kick in the butt in the boulders. I had an amazing time with these goof balls, with a ton of laughter and good times through out the 10 day trip.

I want to thank Flashed for all of your generosity of the years. I have never appreciated your pads more than after I missed the pad on Seven Spanish Angels (V6) and slightly bruised my heel. It rattled the group a bit, especially after our friend, Tiffany, was sent home from Bishop just days before after shattering her talus into 6 pieces.

Luckily, it was no big deal, and I put my shoe right back on and sent the problem. Get back on the horse!

Be safe out there, be responsible for your own pad placement, and give your spotters a hug.