Q & A

1) Who has impressed you most in this last year? (climber or non climber)My buddy Sam has made huge progressions this past year in his own climbing and never ceases to amaze me. He has done well and worked hard which is very inspiring to me. My friend Mijo (aka “Jeff”) had the best send I saw this past year on Focus in Hueco.

2) Describe a time when someone helped your climbing. My wife, Jaime, helps me keep everything in perspective and encourages me every time we are out climbing. Other friends are always supportive as well and they never hold back with the heckling and good times…thanks to Justin (my brother), Sam, Steve, “Mijo”, and many others who are good friends! Timy Fairfield has also been a great teacher, friend and inspiration to me in climbing. He has taught me a great deal about training and pushing my limits.

3) How do you deal with fans chasing you at all times? I never go out into public without costume aviator sunglasses and a stick on mustache.

4) Where do you see your climbing going? I see my climbing going on for pretty much the rest of my life. I don’t believe in being too old to climb but if that does exist then I will probably drag a chair out to the crag to still enjoy the outdoors.