Planning a climbing trip

First of all, Happy New Year! It's been while since we've (Krissy and I) have had time to sit down and write about our 8 month climbing trip. Before Xmas, I was busy finishing up my 2nd to last school terms, subletting, packing and cleaning our apartment. Krissy worked her butt off trying to pay bills and save a little money for the trip. We moved out of Halifax December 26th and then off to New Brunswick to spend mini Christmas's with each of our families. Of course those days were also spent fixing up the car, re-packing and organized for our trip.

So how do you plan for 8 months of climbing and living out of a tent/car? You just do it. We are always looking for the opportunity to travel. The biggest part is committing to it. We were lucky because the timing was perfect for us, Krissy just graduated with her Masters in Occupational Therapy this past June and I just happened to have 8 months to spare between school terms before graduating with an Engineering degree. We will be starting our professional careers when we return from this trip...that's the plan anyway.

Money: We saved a bit up and liquidated some stocks...tough one to swallow, but worth it.

Gear: over the last few years we've pretty much accumulated everything we could possible need to camp comfortably. Solar shower-check, 3 season tent and sleeping bags that zip together- check; coffee press, mocha pot and aeropress- check; multi-fuel stoves-check. The only major expenses so far have been Gas for the car, travel insurance (!!!) and food.

It's day 7 of our trip and after a quick stop to visit our friend in Connecticut, we have made it to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas. The bouldering here is great! So great that we've actually decided to buy the guidebook and stay a bit longer.

Ben's goal is to send at least one classic double digit per day, something he's successfully done so far. Krissy's goal is to get in shape...all work and little to no climbing prior to the trip has put her a little behind where she wants to be. So right now, we are both trying to climb as much as possible and have a blast doing such. Can't lie, we are loving the full-time climber lifestyle!

Next stop- Hueco Tanks. [gallery columns="1"]