Q & A

1) I have to say that I was impressed the most this past year by the Austrian climbing team, especially Killian Fischhuber and Anna Stohr. Their strength and determination at comps has been inspirational and awe inspiring. 2) Probably one of the most memorable times of someone helping my climbing was when I was first learning how to route set. The advice I got from Joe Layno on movement and balance made me change the way I climbed.

3) As a Flashed Athlete, how have you adapted to your new life with the paparazzi? At first, I couldn’t get used to the blinding lights from the camera vans through my bedroom window, but then I installed black out blinds and now it’s all good.

4) How do you deal with fans chasing you at all times? Decoys. It’s all about the decoys. Send them out the front door while you slip out the back.

5) Where do you see your climbing going? I get asked this question all the time and the answer is always the same. I see my climbing going up.