All About The Show

This past weekend, Climber's Rock hosted the first Tour De Bloc of 2012 to which I was chief route setter. I put together a great team of setters, including Flashed athlete, Dustin Curtis and we got to work setting 50 qualifiers and 8 finals. After a long day on Friday, we were ready for the comp. 250 competitors (over 135 of them in Open) poured into the gym to throw themselves at the problems that had been set and try to and snag one of eight spots for the finals. After a brief turnaround, finals were up and ready to go. To build a better vibe for finals, we brought in a dj, put him on top of the bouldering wall and then highlighted the problems with spotlights. When the house lights went out and the music started pumping, the finalists knew they had a show to put on. One by one, the competitors attacked each problem, spurred on by the cheers from the crowd and Dustin on the mic.

When all was said and done, there was perfect division throughout both men's and women's fields (no ties) and a surprise winner for the men. Dave Voltan made a comeback after being away from competitions for a while and clinched 1st place with 3 flashes and a bonus on the fourth problem. For the women, Iyma Larmarche managed to beat out a veteran crusher, Thomasina Pidgeon, by a couple attempts.