Q & A

1. Who has impressed me most in the last year?I would have to say that Adam Ondra has been very impressive in the last year. He's been sending many v14-v16 boulder problems and is also climbing 5.15 routes. I think he's a really good climber all around, as there are few people who can boulder and sport climb at such a high level. Adam is also a good onsighter and it's unreal that he's onsighted 14+. His ability to onsight is also visible in comps where in the past he's won many world cups.

2. Describe a time when someone has helped your climbing? A few years ago I was climbing often but wasn't making a ton of progress. Then Derek Galloway showed up at the Romper Room and introduced me to new ways of improving. He showed me how to make hard problems to work and many campusing exercises. This greatly improved all aspects of my climbing and gave me a better outlook on how to get strong.

3. Describe where you see your climbing going? I plan on continuing to compete in both roped and bouldering comps over the coming years. It's also my hope to travel around often and boulder outside as much as I can. Maybe even find a job that can be done on the road. In the mean time while I'm in high school I'm going to continue to climb and train hard In the gym and make regular trips to Squamish, Horne lake and beyond. My hope is to reach v15 someday!

4. Describe what climbing could do for the world if everyone climbed? If everyone climbed, there would be nobody who couldn't get along. I have never met a motivated climber with a bad attitude. Many people today are also unhealthy. Climbing is a sport where you need to be in your best shape to send hard. If everyone climbed there would be far less unhealthy people.