Squamish bouldering in January

A few weeks ago the weather report was looking positive for Squamish, so I made my usual post on Facebook if anyone wanted to go.  I knew the answer before I asked it,  as many people are too concerned about the cold, except one.  Aaron Hamilton, who is just as keen on bouldering in cold weather as myself and was quick to agree to go on Friday the 13th.  We set out and hoped to catch the 8:30 ferry but that was quickly drowned out when the lady told us they had cancelled the sailing and postponed it to 10:30.  She wasn't very nice either considering that 2 hours of our day was being stolen. But that didn't stop us and we arrived at Squamish around 1:00.  I was ready to fire the Proposal but quickly learned, it was the only wet problem in the forest, so we moved on to Aaron's project (Mantra) and we soon saw ourselves with only a few hours before dark.  We decided to set up at the Farm Area of the North Walls to spend the remainder of our time where there's an abundance of mid grade to hard problems. I was stoked to get back on a problem called the Reckoning V14 that I had worked once before and felt I could do.  I quickly warmed up on a classic lay-back V0 crack problem and then flashed the very slabby (Ride the Waves) v7. Then moved on and it took only a few goes to send the Reckoning stand start which goes at v10, which is an amazing problem in its self.  I then worked the low and managed to get it into 2 sections with one move preventing me from linking it.  Its just a hard move that involves a big move to a bad pinch.  I can stick the pinch when starting from there but cannot hold it long enough to move on.  Oh, well, there's always another day and I'm sure it will go within a few more trips.  With darkness already over us, we pulled out a few headlamps, determined to continue are session as late as possible.  I made a quick tick of Big Chicken v10 and Aaron got a quick ascent of a nearby v7 and we dashed for the ferry.  The upcoming weather isn't looking as positive, I guess its back to the gym in preparation for the upcoming comp in Victoria and the tour de bloc at the hive.  Maybe even a few trips down to the huge gym (The Boulders) in Victoria.