Hueco Tanks

I finished my month long road trip with a stop in Hueco Tanks. I've spent a lot of time here in the past, so the focus of stopping here was more so to visit friends than because of the rock climbing. I bounced back and forth between Wagon Wheel and Shindagger during my stay. Shindagger was a bit less crowded and it now has a mini skatepark called the Ollie Pad. I got to climb for 4 days during my time here and I was able to do 2 new climbs. There have been new climbs going up in the park lately such as Cut to the Quick, AKA, and Bush League. I climbed a new roof in the Gunks called Bush League. It climbs through jugs to some slopers and crimps and a compression finish. The movement is awesome, and it is surprising that it was not done sooner. I finished my longest to date project Serves You Right (aka Full Service). I have literally been trying Serves You Right since high school when it was still way above my ability level. The quality of this rock climb is what attracted me to start trying it at such a young age. All of the holds are unique as well as the movement, and it is consistent to the top. Serves You Right may be the highest quality boulder problem that I have ever done.

Serves You Right aka Full Service

Starry Eyed Man

White Horned Dancer