Climbing In The Poudre

Monkey Foot
I have lived in Fort Collins, My whole life which is OK with me because there is so much good climbing so close to my home. Rotary Park, Arther's Rock, the Poudre Canyon, and of course Rocky Mountain National Park. Climbing is my passion and for years I have enjoyed the many areas close to my house, but after a while you want something new, something that you can call yours. Which take me to what I'm really talking about. Monkey Foot, which is a boulder problem that my brother and I found well camping in the Poudre Canyon. At first I did not think there was a line that could be done, but thanks to the creativity of my brother (Ben) and my Friend (James) we managed to find an amazing line. What I was looking at was my new found project. When I first tried it I knew it was above my ability but knew it would go down with some training. After finding Monkey foot one of my good climbing friends call me up and wanted to drive to Bishop for a week of crushing. So I had to leave my new found problem and traveled to Bishop, CA which was one of the best trips of my life but, that's another story. After a week of cranking down in Bishop I came back with new found confidences, and drove back up the Poudre hoping to crush!  There was a lot of snow on the ground and had to hike in knee deep snow but, nothing was going to stop me from my new love. After a few tries I was getting shut down on the same move over and over again but, my brother James found a hidden foot which unlocked the secret beta for sending. As soon as James unlocked the foot beta I sent, calling it Monkey Foot and V? This boulder problem is my proudest FA to date and would love to show any one where it is. call me (970) 443-3179