Winter 2012

Up until mid January, the weather was amazing here on the coast and I managed to make many trips to Squamish. Then the usual but slightly unanticipated weather forecast showed up and displayed rain as far as the forecast would show. At first I thought there'd be a point where the rain would stop, but I soon realized it was going to stick around for many months as it always does. I finally decided to try and forget about Squamish by the end of January, and focus on training hard for the many upcoming comps as well as my scheduled trip to Joes Valley on March 17th. I felt there's no point in thinking about my projects too much when there's no way I can get on them. I'll return with stronger muscles in the spring and send the large list that has built up. Looking on the indoor scene, the last few months have involved some strenuous training, an awesome local comp in Victoria (Crag X)and a tour de bloc at the edge. There was also a tdb scheduled at the hive but it was cancelled at the last moment.. My training lately has involved the same as usual, bouldering, endurance and frenchies with an added ab workout 5 days a week. Training 7 days a week may seem odd to some, however it's produced results over the years which means that rest days are unnecessary. Looking at the comp in Victoria, it was a very well put on event that attracted many climbers throughout the island that wanted to bring back there 70's ness by wearing spandex! The problems were exciting and there idea to have finals for all the categories turned out well, as climbers got to experience something that is usually reserved only for open competitors. The TDB at the Edge was also great, as usual. The problems were all well set and I managed to snag 3rd place despite only feeling descent with my performance. Also notable was an amazing large orange mat arriving at the Romper Room climbing gym from flashed, that should make falling off that roof, a little more comfortable. I look forward to trying it out!!

Looking back my trip to Joes Valley for two weeks.. Im looking forward to sending many problems, especially some that turned me down/ looked cool but were way to hard in, 09 when I was only climbing V8ish. A few problems that are high on my list and are going to go down include: Black Lung V13, Playmate of the Year V9, Worst Case Scenario V9, Gentleman's Project V11, No Substance V8 and Blackout V12/13 as well as some 50 other V0-v14's. Also I will get to try my new flashed gear on rock!! Stay tuned for pictures and posts from the trip.