Squamish Mountain Festival

We are back from Squamish and missing it already. First off we have to say that the folks at the Squamish Mountain Festival really know how to put on a great show! First off Day 1 began with films and speakers sharing stories. The hilarious and local Will Stanhope showed pictures of his travels and kept the sell-out audience in stitches. The legendary Peter Croft dropped jaws with his amazing stories, pictures, and passion for climbing. Flashed had its very own film on display - Zero to Five Degrees; A Bouldering Guide to Castle Hill New Zealand directed by Rich Castillo. The crowd enjoyed Rich's style and sense of humor in showcasing this beautiful bouldering destination but it wasn't enough to sway the judges. It was stiff competition from the other films (that were really great by the way) but we walked out empty handed in the award categories.

Speakers and Films

Day 2 was mostly a build day for the gang in Flashed. We were setting up the Dyno Wall for the big comp on Sunday.

Dyno Wall


But in the evening there was the chance to get inspired and mingle at the Steep Shoot Photo Competition. The Howe Sound Inn & Brew Pub had standing room only. Winners were Andrew Burr, Keith Ladzinski, and Corey Richards respectively.

Day 3 was a chance to play as the Flashed crew hit the boulders and got a very pleasant tour from the local Flashed Athlete Jack Fieldhouse. The gritty granite soften up the fingers and made the bones ache but it was great to get out and do some Squamish Classics.





The evening was a chance for the better half of the species to inspire at the "Women That Rock" slide shows. Ines Papert, Audrey Gariepy, and Lauren Lee kept the crowd on the edge of their seat with their stories of travel and determination.

Day 4 was a huge day for the festival and for Flashed. The day was filled with clinics from the elite athletes teaching people how to better their skills, a trade show with the sponsors displaying their latest and greatest stuff, a Maxim Rope Tug of War (that Team Flashed claimed victory!),

Tug of War

a 5.10 dodgeball game (some big hits and lots of fun),


and a bit of relaxation with Yoga at Rose Park. The evening was "Brit Grit" Night with Ian Parnell and Simon Yates entertaining the masses with stories on their exploits. Day 4 was also party night! Trailer Trash and Super Heroes were everywhere, the Squamish Adventure centre was rocking, people were dancing and having laughs at each others get-ups (some where a site to see or not to see).

Trailer Trash Super Hero

Super Heroes

Day 5 - Dyno Wall Comp! This was our big day as the Flashed Dyno Wall brought in the crowds to see who had the biggest leap. As the holds moved higher and the competitors reduced it was Gabriel Moch and Sam Li that were atop the podium. Gabriel and 2nd place Tyler Thompson each had a high leap of 2.55 meters but the top spot was decided based on least falls. The women also had a tie for top dyno at 1.9 meters but Sam Li beat out Erica Breau with fewer falls.

Top 3 Men - 1st Place Gabriel Moch, 2nd Place Tyler Thompson, 3rd Place Jan Dedonder

Top 3 Women - 1st Place Sam Li, 2nd Place Erica Breau, 3rd Place Lindzie O'Reilly.

Dyno Winners