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The Flaming Gorge is a great bouldering area about an hour south of I-80. There are about 10 or more sectors all near the Flaming Gorge Dam. I have been probably climbing/establishing things here since I was in middle school, about 14 years ago. It didn't see much attention until a friend of my Jesse Brown moved to Wyoming for school. It then went from probably 60 problems to somewhere around 300+. The rock is a metamorphosed sandstone and it is very solid and has a lot of friction. Its mainly bouldering, but there is some sport, trad, and deep water soloing. There are valleys and ridges full of unclimbed rock. There is so much potential down there. Back in the beginning of 2009 I went on a bouldering hiatus because of a wrist/tendon surgery. I spent the next couple years mainly sport climbing and I kind of forgot about the Gorge. Lately, I have been taking some new friends and people from the college climbing class down there to check it out. It has been great for me to rediscover the areas around the Gorge and see all the things that still need to be done. I hope to spend more time there climbing and exploring this and next year. Hopefully there will be a guidebook coming out the next few years so others can come and visit.[gallery]