Val-David Classics

After all this time, I finaly got around to do one of Val-David's classic route! I have been bouldering at the bottom of these cliffs for over 6 years now to realise that I have been ignoring all of these beautiful routes we have in the area, probably because of their style. Most of the routes are face, crimpy, technical, old-school and mixed. That would probably describe exactly the opposite of my style of climbing!!

Fortunatly for me though, my Friend Jason Ng convinced me to go climb one of these amazing routes last week-end. After doing Shogun, 5.13b, I am now motivated to go and climb all of the other face 5.13s at Val-David and work on my old-school skills. That way I can feel like a real local!!

Photo by Nicolas Charron


Shogun, 5.13b, Val-David                                       photo by Nicolas Charron