Summer Climbing

Since the beginning of summer I have had the opportunity to go on a few climbing trips with my wife, brother, sister-in-law and a few other good friends. The first trip was in May to one of my favorite summer bouldering areas Priests Draw. The other two trips were to Mt. Evans/Lincoln Lake in Colorado. This was my first time to Mt. Evans...that place is SICK! The bouldering is awesome and the scenery is amazing. A big thank you to the guys who developed that area and shared the information for the rest of us to enjoy! Overall I spend about 20 days over the summer at Mt. Evans and made great memories climbing with my family, hanging out with good friends and making some new friends along the way. I am looking forward to future trips back up the Mt. Evans and Lincoln Lake to hopefully finish off some of my projects (which there are MANY!) Meanwhile here are some great photos of the trip taken by my brother Justin Isaac...Thanks for the pics man![gallery]