Times are changing ....

Letting go… Now, I knew I was lucky when I was able to take a year off of ‘real life’ and travel around the USA for 8 month rock climbing – maybe luck had nothing to do with it actually, as we had planned, prepared and worked out butts of to get there.

The 8 months on the road were followed by an incredible summer season up in the Bow Valley, Alberta Canada. Once June monsoon was over we had nothing but incredible temps and good times up at the cliff. What cliff, Acephale.

I had two firsts this summer, the 8 months of rock climbing really paid off; finally I knew how to climb rock! This was awesome, I was ticking off projects with relative ease compare to other years, psyche level was high! So I decided to try something hard, harder than I had ever tried before and it went well …

It’s also end of August now and school, yes school, was quickly approaching. I got some days on the proj and was making progress until … Sept 10, 2012.

My first day of classes! So naive I was, thinking I’d have all kinds of free time to hit the climbing gym on school days and hit the cliff on off days. Wow, I was in for a rude awakening. School quickly consumed me, I put off indoor climbing days to get homework done in the hopes of freeing up a day or two to hit the cliff and in the end couldn’t manage the time for that either.

I started to feel really guilty, and sort of selfishly expected that anyone would care that ‘I don’t have time to go out to the cliff’ ahhahhaha. And then I realized, something I had to do was to let go, and that was okay.

I had to find a balance now, things were not what they used to be when we were on the road and climbing at our leisure, I’m back in real life now. It was harder than I thought to make the conscious effort to let go … let go of the progress I had made and the psyche to send. And in retrospect, I’m content on an off day sitting at home doing homework as I realized that the process of the project is just as fulfilling as the send.

Until next time Acephale, see you in May 2013!