Canadian Bouldering Series

We are now in mid-December and the 2012-2013 Canadian Bouldering series already had 6 events! The Tour de Bloc circuit is getting bigger and better every year. We are seeing bigger numbers, bigger and better gyms, stronger climbers and better route setting.

With IFSC Bouldering World Cup stops coming to Canada, canadian climbers seem to take competitions more seriously and the competition circuit is definitely evolving. On the west coast and east coast we have already seen this year the highest numbers of registered competitors ever.

1st Tour de Bloc Stop - November 3rd - Joe Rockheads

Recovering from my pneumonia and 3 months without bouldering, I decided to take 2 weeks prior to the first eastern Tour de Bloc stop to get back into bouldering shape! The first comp was at Joe Rockheads climbing gym, Toronto, Ontario. For me, the competition was very hard. But great route-setting + strong climbers = good times. Luckily, I managed to sneak into 5th place despite my lack of flexibility for the very Europeen style finals problems!

2nd Tour de Bloc Stop - November 17th - Allez-Up

The 2nd stop in the east coast was hosted by Allez-Up climbing gym in Montreal, Quebec, my home gym. I was obviously not going to compete for this event. Route setting is my thing and I made sure to make it the best competition possible. We had the largest Open category participation ever!

The problems were varied in styles and difficulty, only allowing the best all around athletes to win! Check out the video!!

3rd Tour de Bloc stop - December 1st - Altitude

The third eastern Tour de Bloc event was held at Altitude climbing gym, Gatineau, Canada. Now in my much better bouldering shape, I was ready to crush! But of course, the competition wasnt easy, many other strong climbers showed up for this event. But it was a good day for both me and my girlfriend, we both climbed very well and both got the 1st place!! I would call that a success!!



And now, before the next stop, I keep training!

It is time to get into real good shape for the rest of the competition season!!