Taking positives from negatives

Being injured, although not the most positive situation, gives you time to look over your climbing and think about what your doing well and what could be done better. (not to mention allowing time for overworked tendons to rest and strengthen. Last July, I broke both my heels while climbing in France which defidently put a major damper on my trip and plans for the rest of the season. I felt angry and frustrated with what had happened especially considering it happened during the best part of the season. The injury carried a sentence of 6 weeks no weight bearing followed by a lengthy recovery time to gain full strength and mobility back. The time seemed endless at first while watching the comp season and prime outdoor conditions trickle by however eventually you learn to accept the situation and take as much positives as you can. I considered ways to make my training more effective and really learned what I do well and what I'm lacking in. In the end, I settled on more rest ( no 8 month periods with no rest days over the winter)and knew that it would help me get where I wanted to be. The time then began to flow quicker and I passed time watching climbing videos and playing video games until all of a sudden it seemed like the crippled days were only a thing of the past. My climbing progressed quickly after I gained strength back in my feet(the long part)and only took a few weeks to be on par with where I was before, when I began training hard again. My feet are still slightly frail and require caution but they are strong enough for anything other than challenging slabs. All in all, there are many positives to take from negative situations and it's all attitude dependent when determining whether something is good or bad. Looking at the future, I'm looking forward to getting back to the competition scene as while as finishing up the many looming projects I have on rock, especially considering I am already much stronger than before. I also look forward to continuing to improve my route setting which I feel will also benefit my climbing. Thanks to everyone who's provided support over the last portion of the year, it is much appreciated.