Passenging and Climbing

Passenging and climbing Passenging- it’s a new word (passenger-ing), I made it up to describe what I did for about 30 hours split between 3 days while Josh drove me to Hueco. He wouldn’t ‘’let’ me drive, not that I put up much of a fight. At any given moment during the drive you could find the Hueco guidebook, a Lonely Planet for Turkey, our gas log or the USA map in my lap. Jade was obviously bored too, we nicknamed her ‘grumpus’. She meandered back and forth between the bed in the back and the one we built up for her between our seats. We kept telling her that Hueco will be worth it!

Hueco! Climbing climbing climbing! We have had nothing but amazing temps! Seriously, I don’t think we could have asked for better weather! We’ve been here for 12 days now and have climbed for 9 of those 12 days… needless to say I’m feeling a little worked!

We’ve spent all of our time on North mountain, making our rounds to problems we left behind last year and trying some new projects. Etienne is with us most days which is super fun! I have been really excited to try out my new flashed pad for the first time- custom built for me! I basically have a Ronin that has foam inside instead of the air cells – the reasoning behind this was to have a larger pad but a lighter pad. And, so far so good! The pad is big, great to fall on and easy to carry!

Speaking of falling… I’ve definitely been doing a lot of that! This time around, I was finding it hard to find a ‘project’ that suites me on north. I was feeling defeated by the steepness of the climbs. But with that being said, I also know that it usually takes me a while to get into the swing of things outdoors. Now, with 5 climbing days left I have three solid projects on the go… I should have some success!

So far some notable sends from our crew include: Regan – No Wonder V7,  Josh Diabolique V13 and Esperanza V14, Etienne – Diaphanus Sea V12