There is nothing more frustrating than injuries. Be it a largescale catastrophic injury or little nagging buggers that don’t ever seem to go away it is always important to step back, look at the bigger picture, and make a game plan so you can get back in the game as soon as possible.


For the last several months my shoulders have been all kinds of tweaky and no matter what I do they don’t seem to want to get healthy again. Weeks passed and my psyche grew smaller until I started resenting going to training and lacked the motivation and shoulder stability to go have a nice gym sesh. Over the holidays the weather took a turn for the better and I took a bit of time off training, and it gave me a chance to get back out on rock for the first time in months, and it also gave me the chance to get out to the mountains and try some new things, first and foremost, mixed climbing. I won’t go into too much depth about my newfound love for the colder side of climbing but needless to say just getting out in the mountains allowed me to get motivated to get healthy. Being able to go skiing, snowboarding, mixed and ice climbing and even occasional bouldering passed the time quickly and resting my shoulder was less of a chore.

My shoulders are starting to improve now, and I credit a lot of it to being able to step back look at the big picture and realize why I needed to rest and recover so I could get back in the game as quickly as I could. As the heart of the competition season approaches, (and maybe an escape to bishop?!), staying healthy is going to be key.


More updates, hopefully from California, to come soon…