Video of the finals problem at the SpotThis year I have been focusing on climbing in competitions as well as climbing outside. Since I can still compete in the ABS youth series, I have been trying to stay motivated to train for gym climbing. It is hard to maintain a sense of motivation to climb inside while the temps have been so good outside.

IMG 0535 from Greig Seitz on Vimeo.

In January, I went to the ABS Youth Divisional Championship in Tucson, Arizona. During this competition, I met many awesome climbers. The excitement level was high with all my friends and competitors supporting each-other. I wasn’t feeling very well that weekend in Arizona, but I ended up placing fourth. Placing that high at divisionals secured me an invitation to compete in ABS Nationals.

After this competition, I competed at the Spot Bouldering Gym. During the qualifying round, I climbed very well. The problems were extremely well set with big holds and big dynamic moves. This is how the Spot set during the qualifying round. I climbed well enough on these problems to make finals.

The finals problem was great. The beginning of the problem was slightly technical. Halfway through the problem, I faced out toward the crowd. This led into an all points off dyno. After the dyno, I climbed into some more powerful climbing. I ended up placing third in this competition under Daniel Woods and Dave Graham.

I am now focusing my time and attention on training for ABS Youth Nationals, which will be held in Colorado Springs next month. I have been doing most of my training at Miramont Lifestyle Fitness in Fort Collins. I look forward to climbing on the well set boulder problems at the next competition.