New Projects in Halifax

We able to get out climbing on Saturday to Duck Head near Halifax, Nova Scotia. The conditions we the best we have had yet since being back in Nova Scotia. This was the first time I had been to Duck Head in like 6-8 years. I had heard that the ocean had changed things a bit out there, but had know idea how much. It was amazing to see the massive pieces of rock that have been moved! I went out to try two undone lines and Krissy went out to find a new project for herself. She found one in Low Tide (V6ish). She actually came really close to sending it in just one afternoon for what I think is probably going to be the first female ascent of the line. I think she should be able to do it easily next time out.

I went out to try Rip Tide and Strong Boy. Rip Tide went fairly well and may go down next time out. It is really hard on the skin so you only get so many goes before it become too painful to try anymore. I'm guessing it will probably be in the V11/12 range. Strong Boy was another story. It is REALLY hard, but possible. I think it is likely the hardest thing I have ever been on. I had one really good go on the crux move and felt actually somewhat close to sticking it. My right hand actually stayed on the crux hold and my left blew off the good pinch - so maybe it is possible to climb this thing someday...after a lot of work. I would bet that it is going to be one of the hardest problems in Canada!

Rip Tide - photo: Aidas Rygelis

Stong Boy Project - photo: Aidas Rygelis