Claudia Beland Bio

Who has impressed you the most this last year? Climber or Non-climber...A: My mother is the person who impressed me the most last year and she still does. She has so many projects and she is constantly learning new stuff about languages, computers, painting…Also she teaches me about so many things in life! She is a model for me!

Describe a time when someone helped your climbing? A: It happens all the time! In fact I realised that each time I go out climbing with other girls, It always a lot of fun and it helps my climbing by increases my motivation, pushing my limits, and it forcing me to give everything I have!

How do you deal with fans chasing you at all times? This is very hard to manage you get questions about your personal life, people are trying to steal your pads, asking for autographs... But with the years, I understood that it is possible if you do it with your heart ;-)

Where do you see your climbing going? A: I see my climbing travelling around the world: South Africa summer 2009!!! That’s what I want to keep on doing!!