A Sunday in SF

I sat in the sun for 30 minutes today in Dolores Park, San Francisco, watching dogs chase balls and a bum do a dance routine for a group of girls. After two solid weeks of rain and hiding out under umbrellas and hoods, it was a beautiful moment. I would like to say that I then followed it up with a long-over due trip to the local crags, but our little hiatus from the winter rains does not mean that the local crags are dry. Oh no, the local pieces are nothing but a dripping pile of mud and moss right now and farther off locales offer us no other salvation. Yosemite and Bishop are both stuffed under a fresh walloping of snow and the word from the frontline is that it will be another 2 or 3 weeks before it dries out again (if it doesn’t snow again). So instead of doing some proper rock-wrasslin’, I took my gym-rat ass on up to Planet Granite, my local gym. It sits right on the bay looking out over Alcatraz and it has a pretty amazing set-up inside, with free-standing boulders and a 40 foot long roof. The gym also has a real laid back, friendly vibe, which is a real blessing after years of ridiculousness in Boulder gyms. Plus, I’ve developed a good crew of friends who keep me motivated with made up problems and challenges to attempt 1:5:9 moves on the campus board. Hopefully, it will keep me strong and ready for a quick weekend attack on Bishop whenever that happens!

Until then I will have to keep myself entertained with usual winter weekend antics in SF… like drinking copious amounts of coffee at Ritual or Philz while getting research done on my laptop. Or perusing my local pirate shop (that’s right, I just said I have a local pirate shop!). Or maybe out gandering for boulder problems within city walls. A couple weekends ago, my friend Josh Newman and I found a couple potential problems down on Ocean Beach. They looked like hardish, fun roof problems but they were soaking wet from the rain and the spray from a huge storm surge. When it dries off we are going to go back to put them up. There’s nothing like putting up a new problem (Speaking of which, I maybe FA’ed a fun V10ish two hand dyno out at Indian rock in Berkeley. I dubbed it “Cleatus” because it is a variation of the “hillbilly” variations - the variations right above the one-armed problems. Ha! Indian rock cracks me up! Ah well, it is close to home!).

Anyway, besides the sweet roof we found, ocean beach was awesome that day. There was huge surf coming in from a storm, and as far out as we could see there were whiteheads from giant waves. The waves were peaking at about 20 feet and 30-foot tall outcroppings just off shore were just getting demolished. It was an amazing demonstration of nature’s power. I really can’t believe people have the nerve to surf such big waves (although no one was daring that day)!

So that’s wintertime in San Francisco. My next month will primarily consist of me working like a bat out of hell on all of my many research projects, yarding on plastic in my downtime and dreaming of my next Bishop adventure.

My next blog update will be about my Christmas trip to Bishop!