Frosty Project

100_2059 After a long time in the gym, Chrissy and I got out to a very tiny, local boulder area yesterday. Rode the city bus (crash pad and all) to the spot. It was a project that I worked a bit last year. I don't even know if this problem has ever been completed. I'm looking into it.

blog 1-1 I was not ready to send the problem, but I know I'm going to Welsford (my local cliffs) soon. So I wanted to get a bit of rock on my hands. I was able to link various parts, and decide on my beta, and Chrissy did well dialing in the start. It's a really good time, and I'm pumped to go back. 100_2060

I KNOW the problem will go soon, it's just a matter of time. The conditions were good, but the rock was FREEZING. It's a heck of a challenge on fresh outdoor hands. WHOO! FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK!

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