Frotsy Project Return

Chrissy's Brunch It's Tuesday! Which means it's a day off school for Chrissy and I. So after a stellar brunch (of pancakes, big Texas toast, my newspaper and a peek at my new Inked magazine) I downed a Red Bull and went back to the project at my local bouldering spot today. After my trad trip to Welsford, I have been running over the beta for this problem the last couple of days in my head. Any free time I had to daydream, I was climbing that boulder. The conditions were good (snow had melted, making some holds slimy.) and the sun was out, but the wall kept spitting me off. I really thought I could have gotten it today. Another climber came by and saw that Chrissy and I were there. He asked if he could join, and of course we said he could. 100_2134 100_2135 It's always great to have another climber around. Where Chrissy is fairly new, her ideas on how to climb something are limited. Always good ideas and appreciated, but not as versed as other climbers. So this new climber, James, came to try his hand at the rock puzzle. James was a super lanky individual, so he had different ideas on how to do the problem, and I really liked them. As a 5 foot 9 inch person, climbing with what looked like a 6 foot 3 inch guy (whos ape index would make Tarzan wet himself) my moves became a lot more reachy. I like the change, I always liked longer reaching routes in my home gym. So the changes were all positive. It was just another huge reminder of how beta from different climbers can really change the way you see a route. 100_2167 100_2140 We'll have to see whether or not I stick with this beta in the future. But all the things that are coming together seem to be positive. I'll have to keep mind-climbing it to see just exactly how the route will go down. This boulder problem continues to be my favourite project at the moment. I'll be happy when I get it, but also sad since I'll have to move onto something else.Which is too bad since it's so conveniently located to where I live. 100_2171 Riding the bus home with best friend (Flashed Shogun Bouldering Mat) after a defeating day.