Tour de Bloc: Atlantic Regional Championships 2010

March 20, 2010. I went to the Tour de Bloc (that’s the Canadian bouldering series for our foreign friends) today as a spectator. I have never attended a climbing comp before and not competed. I really liked the atmosphere, and the routes as well as climbers were outstanding. This year the Atlantic Regional competition was held in Fredericton at the home of the UNB Rock and Ice Club. It’s a great indoor bouldering gym, which has a couple rooms with walls that can accommodate anything from beginners on a flat and 10 degree wall to veterans with a 45 degree wall, a roof and an overhanging giant appropriately called the Behemoth. Some great climbers train here. Including 2009 bouldering national champ, John Bowles. Flashed athlete and bouldering strongman Ben Blakney. Also, Team Canada bouldering member Holly Reid (who proves dynamite comes in small packages). Other members are some of the nicest, hard climbing people I’ve met. Many of whom have no desire to compete, just to progress in the sport. The comp went well, with routes set to push an athlete’s limits. All the features were utilized and the climbers were tested, but seemed to have a great time. Overall, I would say that the comp was a success and a great time for climbers and spectators alike.

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