Birthday Wishes Do Come True...Sometimes

I guess birthday wishes do come true once in a while, even if you do tell someone what they are. I was out bouldering with some friends on Saturday as the temps where perfect for working some projects in Halifax. I was trying a problem Nick Sagar put up a couple of years ago called Grizzly - probably in the V12/13 range. The problem requires cool temperatures in order to be able to grab the nothing slopers and barely there crimps. I manged a few good goes, falling at the mantle more times than I care to remember. After my skin was trashed, and body wrecked, there was still no send - home we went. We checked the forecast for this week and things looked very warm and/or wet - except for Monday evening. So, after school on Monday we packed up and headed out to race for the send before the rain and spring warmth arrived. After hiking to the boulders which involved my partner slipping on mud and wet roots and nearly going head first into some sort of animal poo, the battle was on...After falling at the mantle AGAIN, I finally managed to stand on top. The rain came shortly after...A nice birthday present to myself. Now another year older..ugh!



Topping - out Grizzly

The two Bens