Bishop at last :)

Ok, it's more like I'm writing about my trip to Bishop at last, lol. I was able to convince Walson to give me some time away from the office (back in Feb), quickly put stuff together and made for broke, south to warmer weather and the equisite rock that danced through my dreams all winter. It turned into a bit of a locust, I mean Canadian, infestation all congregating in Bishop and I was stoked to see everyone again. Although it was only Craigh and I in the car and a long drive to go, we had the moral and vocal support of Tucker (seen below offering Craigh a paw of encouragement as he excitedly recounts his last tale of road-tripping).Back-Seat-Driver

With the morning of the first day, as I find on every roadtrip, the urgency of life's need-to-dos fade away and 'vacation time' settles in. Which for me means lounging back in the chair as Craigh prepares breakfast, lol :D Bishop-1

Although I was quite content to just soak in the sun and the occasional hot spring, we headed up to the Milks and ran into some fellow Canuckers. There we witnessed the joys of bouldering sprawl and the Buttermilk Stem crawl (back to the pad after a failed attempt, lol). Buttermilk-sprawl

A number of good friends made it down including the Reticent Vikki Weldon and Cool Customer Ryan Olson <3 Cool-Customer-Ryan-Olson

I've often found that road-trips are almost like reunions! Although you travel for hundreds of miles to often secluded areas, you inevitably run into people you met on the road months or even years earlier. Sometimes these reunions can get a little weird, however, as you can see from below. I"m not sure exactly what the conversation was about, but I think Mike (on the left) was offering help to fellow athlete Jack (on the right) who had lost something? I'm not sure... Cat's-Curiosity

I did end up doing some climbing and was stoked to repeat some of the classics, but for me this trip was just about soaking in the energy and beauty of Bishop, trying to eat a Buffalo burrrito from Los Palmos in one sitting (which I swear should be served across 2 plates!), and chilling with friends. Buttermilkin'

I'm already planning a trip to Hueco for next season and this time I'm going to be ready to crush! Hope to see you there :)