Bouldering in Red Rocks

Driving for 20 hours, one way, for 3 and half days of bouldering may seem like a very short road trip, but I assure you it was worth it. It was a lot of climbing and had me drained. On the trip with me was Graeme Olsen, with whom I road tripped to Bishop a couple years earlier, which made the long drive a good one. We have similar tastes in music, which, being in a car for such a long haul is important, and similar thoughts about climbing amongst other things. A great road trip companion.

Stocked to be in Red Rocks!

Since Graeme hadn't been to the strip before, I felt it neccessary to drive down so he could take in the excess that is the Las Vegas strip. With that out of the way, it was time to check in to our hotel and then to the Kraft boulders for some evening bouldering.

After a session till the sun would allow us we came back to the hotel, bought some beers, had a big meal and decided that it would be a shame if Graeme didn't visit the strip. While there was no debauchery or gambling, that is not our thing, we did enjoy walking the strip, beer in hand, checking out the sites.

The next 3 days were spent in the Kraft boulders getting on, and falling from, as many classic problems and boulders we could. We found in customary to start at the Warm Up Boulder, getting in some laps on a few easy ones.

Warming up on the Warm Up Boulder, of course.

Sufficiently warm we decided to tackle some harder stuff. The properly named problem 'Your Project' proved to be just so for both of us. It drained us every attempt but we kept coming back for more. A comment from local John Wilder made us feel better though. "Dude, that thing is everyones project - I've never heard of anyone actually completing it..." That makes a guy feel good!

Can't even begin to think how many times I tried this.

After trying this many times we went from boulder to boulder trying out all Red Rocks had to offer. Mr. Moran Boulder, Monkey Bars, Potato Chip, etc. It was a great time but after 3.5 days of bouldering all day, a night out in sin city, and getting more sun than a Canadian summer, it was time for the 20 hour drive back to Canada... Until next time, 'Your Project' will go down!

Next time.