Mike Weldon Bio

Who has impressed you the most this last year? Climber or Non-climber...A: Everyone!! Every climber I meet is so motivated to climb I am impressed by all of them... and I'm not easy to impress Describe a time when someone helped your climbing? A: A good lad named 'Alex from France' came up with me on many occassions in order for me to send Serpentine (13b) - Taipan Wall - The Grampians. Much respect!

What do you see as the biggest myth about being famous? A: The girls! At first you think you'll be walking back from a day at the crags and you'll happen to come across a broken down bus filled with Swedish girls who see the chalk on your hands and immediately want you... but then you realize its all an illusion as you sit down in the dirt and open up a can of beans for the 7th time that week.

Where do you see your climbing going? A: Although bouldering and sport climbing will definitely take up most of my time I am really keen to progress at trad climbing and maybe through on a few layers and get onto some ice!

Describe what you think climbing could do for the World if everyone climbed A: If EVERYONE climbed??? Oh man. there would be a mad shortage of chalk, that's for sure! Crag's would be busier... but then that possibility of Swedish girls is more likely... maybe even Swiss!!!