Sam Tucker Bio

Who has impressed you in the last year?A: I’m not sure if I could pick just one person.  There have been quite a few people who have impressed me in the last year.  I’ll start by mentioning my sister, Becky.  She has been working her tail off out at the University of Victoria.  I have Mad Respect for her work ethic, and crazy determination.   I also want to give koodos to Michael Weldon for crushing super hard down in Australia.

Describe a time when someone has helped your climbing. A: Knut Rokne has helped my climbing about a billion times. I can’t explain how grateful I am for all his support.  One specific memory I have was when I had a major epiphany, like 2 years ago regarding footwork.  I finally realized that there is more to using your feet than just pasting them on a hold.  I have Knut to thank for that.

How do you deal with fans chasing you all the time? A: I have recently joined my high school track team to touch up on my sprints, and long distance running.  You would be surprised how fast some Flashed fans can run.  For the times when I am outrun, I have made a signature stamp that I can use instead of autographing the various body parts of the squealing fans.  It does get tiring to write my three syllable name over and over.