Altitude Opening

Tray tables up and seat moved forward. I was lucky enough to have a exit seat while on my flight to Ottawa for the grand opening of Altitude Gym in Hull, QC. This would take me the furthest east I have been and it was exciting to see our Capital and meet with the Alititude team. Joining up with Flashed Athlete and Evolv Canada Rep Regan Kennedy, we made our way the gym where we set up our gear, met some of the staff and hob-knobbed with the partners, mayor, arch bishop, and media.

It was a large turn out and although I had no idea what the speeches were about (speaking in French) it was good to see everyone was excited and supporting the new gym. So much so, that the Mayor and Arch Bishop were good sports to try a little bouldering with the Flashed Ninja below them. I had a moment of great pride knowing this would be on the local Hull CBC news.

Next on the tour was Clip N' Climb, a jungle gym style area with a lot of Auto Belays and different terrain to climb on. Probably the coolest thing was a free fall drop down a huge slide. A winch carries you up to the top (30 ft or so) where you hang on to a bar and build your courage to let go. Once you do this you fall for 10 - 15 ft then the curve of the slide will catch you and shoot you down to the ground.

After all the speeches were made, a little climbing was had, meetings wrapped up, it was time to head out. Regan's Aunt and Uncle were gracious enough to take us out for dinner and tour around downtown Ottawa to see the sights. Parliment Hill, 24 Sussex Dr (Prime Minister's House), Embassy's, Art Galleries, etc. While doing this it was fun talking politics and experiencing the culture of a city. If anyone goes to Ottawa be sure to try a Beavertail. A flat deep fried donut with all sorts of sweet fixings. They are delicious!

Even though I was only there for a day it was a good time, chatting and hanging out with people that are excited about climbing. Whether it is a new gym or not, building a community for climbers makes the future of our sport look very bright.